Wasps Sign American Forward, MacArt

06/09/2013 12:18

The Hull Wasps have continued to make history and have signed 6’4 American forward Matthew MacArt. After arriving very early on Wednesday morning Matt linked up with the squad for the first time on Thursday night.

MacArt who has played in the NCAA division 3 for the last 4 years before coming over to the UK this week stated last night how excited he was to finally be here and play for the club.

“This is a great opportunity and I am here just to work hard and help the team any way that I can. I am focused on getting the job done and look forward to the season ahead.”

Coach Fawcett also commented on the clubs historical signing. “Matt has been a player we have been trying to get over here for a while and it has taken some time but to have him here for the season now is just fantastic. Matt is a great shooter and will really stretch defenses this season. He is also an excellent rebounder and will give the team a lot of energy and hustle.”

With MacArt now joining the squad along with the recent additions of Jack Daley, Manu Guzman and John Stewart the Wasps have certainly had a big off-season.

MacArt is expected to feature for the Wasps this Saturday as the club travel North to Tees Valley to play in a 3 team tournament.