Wasps Premier Local Team Ready to Launch

18/10/2013 13:04

They train just like the national league team, they will be wearing the same colours and they have the same ambition, win!

The Hull Wasps are boasting a Humber Basketball league team for the first time in the clubs history and when the season starts these local hoop stars will be ready to play!

“We had the idea back in April and with a lot of work and finding the right people we have now got in place a team that Wasps fans can be equally excited about.” Coach Fawcett commented whilst standing on the side-lines watching training last week.

And there is a reason that coach Fawcett was on the side and that reason is because this team has two coaches of their own. Enter Neil Rymer and Amir Nasr both former Wasps players. “This was a great opportunity for me and I really wanted to continue to play for the club so I jumped at the chance.” Coach Neil Rymer speaking after running his third practice.

“The team already has a strong feel to it; we all get along great and enjoy playing for the club.”

The season is set to start in the local area in November and the Wasps local team will be ready to make an impact!

:If you are interested in playing basketball and want to join the local team please email the club or contact us through Facebook.