20/05/2009 13:25

The Hull Wasps have now started their pre-season training for the 2009/2010 season with alot more players coming to try out for the team will we be seeing alot of new faces next season?

One thing for sure is that the Wasps must be one of the the only teams who began their pre-season in May something that Head Coach James Coulson praises the players for.

" The guys didnt want much time off at the end of the season, We know now that last season was a very preductive year for the club however we have now set a bench mark and the guys want to aim for more next season. Currently we are in our last week of trials before we select our pre-season squad and their are some new faces to the squad and alot of the players returning back to the Wasps."

Club Chairman David Bushnell also had alot of praise for the team.

"It shows how much this club means to the guys when they report to pre-season 2 months before anybody else will start their pre-season. The guys are all working hard and have the same objective for next year which is trying to guide the Wasps to the playoffs and promotion."

The Wasps will continue to put in the work over the next few months and you can catch a first look next season squad when they defend the Derby Cup next month!