Travel and arrival!!!

15/07/2008 17:29


Well, the travelling over to America started saturday morning and it was a long long trip! From leaving good old Hull it took around 20 hours before we arrived at the 76ers basketball camp. Liam Wordsworth a Hull Wasps Player who is travelling with me couldn't contain his excitment and soon started playing ball on the courts.

As the camp started we met all the other counsellors who are working with us some of which play professional basketball in europe! We also met a 76ers player called Herbert Hill and have just met Sixers legend World B. Free.

The weather out here is rediculous! It's so hot and humid and really takes it out of you. Everyday brings new challanges out here one of which is getting up in a morning when you've played ball 'til 2am.

I'll keep everybody updated during the summer but until then keep working hard and having a good summer.