St Stephens Launches Wasps to Success

30/08/2011 23:27


HULL WASPS launched their new National League season in style on Saturday as their season launch event proved to be a great success.

Wasps players and volunteers made the most of a great public display by providing a taste of basketball, encouraging local shoppers to take part in a free-throw contest, and promoting the club ahead of the new campaign.

The club managed to distribute over 2,500 season guides which included fixtures and discount vouchers, along with a number of other promotional items including t-shirts and posters.

“It was a wonderful event” said club chairman, Dave Bushnell.

“It was the best event we’ve done so far and was a really good opportunity to promote the club. We just want more people to get involved, raise our awareness and encourage all areas of the community to come and support Hull’s basketball club.”

Head-coach Matt Fawcett, who also attended the event, was equally extatic at the success of the event before the pre-season fixtures begin on Saturday.

“The event was huge for us and it was nice to see everyone get involved. Both kids and adults were all really enjoying shooting some hoops with the players and a number of people were excited when they learned that Hull has a basketball club.

“We loved the whole day. It was great fun and a perfect way to launch the new season.”

The Wasps begin their pre-season fixtures at home to Huddersfield Heat in the Yorkshire Shield – Saturday 3rd September, 7:30pm, Bonus Arena.