08/11/2008 22:48

Hull Wasps smashed their way to their first league win of the season against Reddish Rebels at the Gemtec Arena on Saturday evening. With Chris McKenna out through injury, it looked as though the Wasps may lack a little experience but after last weeks much improved performance against Stockport Falcons, the team carried it on and stung the Rebels by a huge 64 point margin.

The Rebels only lead in the game came in the first quarter when they led 13-10 but the Wasps came flying back and went on a huge 26-3 run to take ultimate control in a game that most people would have thought to be close.

The Wasps never looked back and continued to outscore the Rebels in every quarter of the game (22-16, 46-24, 73-35, 112-48). Neil Rymer back from injury put in an MVP performance hitting 8x 3-pointers and totalling 34 points. Jamie Goodwin scored 16, Matt Fawcett and John Brignell both scored 15 each.