30/10/2008 22:17

Hull Wasps improved their record to 3-1 in Doncaster League on Wednesday evening with a well earned victory against Darfield Panthers.
The Panthers raced out to an early lead with some good inside scoring and aggressive defense. Poor shots and lack of movement saw Darfield 16-13 up at the end of the first. The Wasps battled back strong with some agressive defense of their own and when Neil Rymer found his touch from beyond the arc, the Wasps looked the stronger side and went into half time down by 1 with the score 33-32 Panthers.

The Wasps continued their high intensity offense in the third through Rymer's hot hand, but a lack of concentration and some controversial decsions by the referees saw Darfield take a seven point lead going into the fourth. The fourth quarter was even throughout with the Wasps trailing by six when first team point guard John Kelsey was given a technical foul for improper conduct towards a referee. Things were not looking good for the Wasps until first team captain Matt Fawcett finally found his scoring touch and hit a couple of back-to-back threes to tie the game. With only 24 seconds left the Wasps played some of the best defence of the game and forced a turnover to allow a layup for Rob Birchmore.

The Wasps looked to have taken it until Darfield forced a shooting foul on the buzzer, where both free throws were hit. The game was therefore sent into overtime with the Wasps looking the stronger of the teams. Wasps switched defense into a zone and within the first 30 seconds of overtime the Wasps took a 5 point lead after Fawcett hit a lay-up and a three. Darfield tried to battle back but couldn't break the defense and when Neil Rymer found himself at the line on several occasions, the game was won. The final score 85-79 for the Wasps.
Reserves coach and captain Liam Wordsworth felt this was the biggest win of the season so far.

"I know its early still but we are looking very good this season. We have a lot of experience and this is only going to help the younger players develop. We play Doncaster next week and I think after tonight we can come away with a win.'
Hull Wasps play Doncaster Falcons on Wednesday at 8:30 tip-off.