15/09/2008 22:11

Hull Wasps Reserves narrowly missed out on a victory over their fierce rivals, East Riding Harriers.It was East Riding's first victory against Hull at senior level as the Wasps came short in what has become a fierce rivalry over the last year. Both teams started off slow with the Harriers up by just 2 at the end of the first. Matthew Cooke spearheaded the Wasps offense with four 3 pointers in four times down the court but East Riding battled back to keep it close at the half.

The Harriers started strong in the third with inside scoring. Poor decisions and missed lay-ups saw the Wasps down by 10 at the beginning of the Fourth quarter. However The Wasps came back again in the fourth with smart passing by first team captain Matt Fawcett but it was a little too late for Hull who found themselves trailing by 1 with 1 minute to go. Unfortunatley they couldnt find their offense and East Riding finished strong to take the win.
Reserves captain and coach Liam Wordsworth felt that it was valuble experiance for the younger players. "Although we didn't get the result we wanted, I feel there was plenty of positives to take from the game. The start of the Doncaster League season is only a few weeks away and I think that the experiance gained today will help us to compete in the upcoming season. We have a lot of young guys who will only get better as the season goes on."
The Doncaster league starts at the beginning of October and the majority of the Wasps games will be played on a wednesday nights.