26/08/2008 11:52

Pre season so far has been very demanding for all the players as they continue their intensive preparation for the forth-coming season. Nothing is being overlooked as players are spending a lot of time on the court getting ready for what promises to be an exciting campaign from start to finish. Captain Matthew Fawcett thinks all the hard work is paying off.

“We are all working hard to make sure we get off to the best start that we can this season we want everybody to know that we are not taking anything lightly. Every time we step on the court for training we are trying to make the team better and so far it’s going well.”

The Captain also commented on how impressed hes has been with new additions to the team.

"There are alot of new faces coming in and they are all playing hard and trying to take a place in the team and when you have competative people it makes for intense training sessions."

With the season set for tip off on September 20th the players are all stepping up their rigorous preseason schedule in preparation for the next few months all the players know that the count down is on!