Player Focus: Miles Baldwin

08/08/2011 13:05

Player Focus spends a little time looking at first year point guard Miles Baldwin.

Miles was one of the new additions selected in the official tryouts held in May. Baldwin has been around Hull Basketball for a long time. He has played for the Hull Stingers at different age groups and in recent years actually played for Coach Fawcett at Hull College sports academy.

Assistant Coach Steve Crawford says Miles has a steep learning curve ahead of him but is a player worth working with.

"Miles is a fantastic athlete, he is 5ft 8 and can dunk the ball consistently. Miles also has a nice Jump shot and can get to the basket. This year we are playing Miles at a position that is new to him as we are trying to get him to learn how to play the point guard spot. Miles has always been very offensive minded but unfortunately at his size he will struggle at the shooting guard position in National league but could excel at the point."

The coaches speak very highly of Miles Baldwin and are targeting him as one of the future building blocks of the Hull Wasps.

Baldwin will be fighting against other point guards Chris Cummings, James Brough and Mike Likupe for minutes this season and this will only add to the depth the wasps have at the point guard position.

Find out if Baldwin does enough when the wasps start playing pre-season fixtures in September.