Player Focus: John Brignell

19/07/2011 14:37



This week Player Focus looks at the return of last season's pivotal big man John Brignell. Last season john Brignell had one of the best individual season's of any player in Hull Wasps history. Brignell returns after stepping down as head coach last season to focus on playing the game. John has certainly made a lasting impression on coaches around the league often being talked about as the guy to stop when teams come to play the Wasps.

At 6ft 9 John is a player who demands attention on the court. He can rebound the ball well and will keep grabbing rebounds until he has scored the ball. Brignell is also a player who enjoys doing the dirty work on the court. Often when there is a ball rolling on the court the first person diving for the ball is John Brignell. John also has a nice jump shot from around the basket and as a result he is a match up problem for any team. Fans will also remember one play last season that is know only as "The Dunk" when Brignell charged down the middle of the court and dunked the ball on one of Cheshire Jets players.

Coach Fawcett talks about john in the highest regard "John is a player that I grew up watching so when I took over as head coach this summer I talked to him almost daily about how we can make this season the best yet. My first decision was to make John Captain, as I know that once you coach you very rarely stop so he will be a vocal leader and help our new big men develop. John is maybe the most coachable player I have ever worked with. And when a player of John’s ability leads with that example the rest of the team will follow on. "

Brignell will be looking to have another fantastic year in a Wasps uniform as the team continues to prepare for the upcoming season.