Player Focus: Chris Cummings

28/06/2011 14:30

Point Guard Chris Cummings returns for another season after having a breakout year for the club last season.  After the departure of former point guard John Kelsey there was a position to fill and in stepped Chris Cummings who took control of the starting point guard spot for the remainder of the year.

The speed and quickness that Cummings plays basketball was enough to excite the crowd and leave defenders trying to keep up. Chris may be one of the smallest players in the league but he definitley makes up for that and when you watch him play he certainly does not hide from view.

"Chris is a very smart player and he is tough, no doubt about that he gives as good as he gets. Chris is a player who rarely turns the ball over and when you watch him play it looks like he has the ball on a piece of string. What separates Chris from other players is the fact he can become a one-man fast break. There is still work to do for Cummings and this summer we will be working with Chris to really develop him into a force on the court." Coach Fawcett said.

Chris has improved every year he played for the club and is one of few players this season that has been with the club since its creation. He will continue to develop over this season and with the addition of some new point guards into the team Cummings will look to be a leader this season and look to lead this team into the playoffs.

Keep a look out for Chris and the other Wasps players over the next few months as they prepare for a new season.