Player Focus: Adrian Blatherwick

05/07/2011 10:05

This week Player Focus looks at the sharp shooting guard Adrian Blatherwick. Blatherwick has been a part of the Wasps squad for all 3 seasons and last year finished in the top 5 players in the division for 3 point percentage.

There is little doubt that Blatherwick is one of the best shooters in the league you only need to come watch a game to see that for yourself but as coach Fawcett explains he brings so much more. "Ade has the potential to be a great all around player. Right now his strength is shooting but he is also a very underated defender. He knows how to play the game and is a valuable piece to the team. Over the next season my job will be to bring out this potential and develop the rest of his game. But based on his work ethic it won't be a massive task. "

Last season Blatherwick was one of the starters for the Wasps and is a big personality to have around the team. With the new additions to this seasons team, Blatherwick will be finding ways to make those players feel at home quickly as he has every year.

Blatherwick is currently in pre-season training with the Wasps team so keep posted to the website for details.