New Fixtures To Launch At Derby Cup As Trojans Withdraw

04/06/2010 13:33

HULL WASPS fans will be delighted to know that the 2010-11 National League fixtures will be released at this year's Derby Cup. The new regular season fixtures will begin on the weekend of 2/3 October after opening weekends for the National Cup and National Shield.

Opening round draws for both cup competitions are yet to happen but initial regular season fixtures will be released at the Derby Cup where fans will be able to take home copies of the list for the forthcoming season.

It has also been announced that Tyne Met Trojans have withdrawn from the competition this season and consequently the league has been reduced to 13 teams. With a minimum of 12 home games now being played at the Bonus Arena plus possible additional home fixtures in both cup competitions and pre-season games, Wasps fans are in for a feast of basketball during the upcoming season.