Matt Fawcett: Wasps 'almost like brothers'

19/03/2013 10:10


How old were you when you started playing basketball? What do you think started your love of sports?

I started playing at age 12 for Beverley Cougars. This is because my brother was playing, and I fell in love with the sport.

How long have you been involved in basketball professionally?

I started playing Men's National League when I was 16. I was playing for the Hull Stingers under 18s team and would often get called up to the senior side. So, it's almost 10 years now.

How long have you been involved with the Wasps and how long have you been coaching for them?

James Rayner approached me about forming a National League team in 2008. We decided to go for it. We got Liam Wordsworth involved and then met Dave Bushnell (Chairman). Since then we have kept this great club running. It's great I can do it with three of my close friends.

Do you have any involvement in other sports clubs etc. outside of the Wasps?

I am slightly involved with the Hull Stingers. Neil Kelsey is my coaching mentor and I learned a lot from him. So I try my best to help the Junior club.

What do you find keeps you and your team motivated after a loss?

As a player coach I do take a loss hard and tend to go silent for a while afterwards, but you have to have a short-term memory in basketball. We can not change the loss. We have to learn from it and move onto the next one.

What do you believe are the key attributes a basketball player should have?

A basketball player needs to be coachable, have no ego and want to help their teammates.  I have seen some incredibly talented players over the years but if you have an ego and your teammates don't like playing with you then you wont go too far. BE COACHABLE.

What are your general feelings about your team for this season? do you feel you work well as a team?

We are a pretty good team. The guys all get on great off the court. This team has its ups and downs, almost like brothers, and we can we argue and disagree on some things. But the guys respect what I'm doing as coach and that helps me.

Highlights of the season include the National Shield game and several impressive wins. Which would you say is your favourite moment of the season?

My highlight of the season is probably the Sefton win. We really weren't given much of a chance and to pull out that win was a great achievement for the club. And again, the crowd was fantastic.