Let it rain!!!!

02/08/2008 19:08

 Hey everybody hope everything is going well back home right now its poring down with rain and has been for the last 2 days! it reminds me of home straight away! Camps been pretty good we have had a good week coaching the team i had this week where a very talented bunch of guy s however there was too many egos and they could never find there stride! we went out in the first round of the playoffs it was a close game though! This weekend we have just chilled and prepared for the last week of camp before coming home. Went and watched the new Will Ferrel movie last night which was one of the funniest films ive ever seen i would reccomend it to anyone then we have just done a bit of shopping which was fun theres alot of stuff that is really cheap that back home would be so expensive that i have had no choice but to buy it. This week we are expecting some more of the 76ers players to come through the camp so it will be cool to meet them. Anyway ill keep everybody posted over the next few days cant wait to get back to buissness!!!