John Brignell Returns To Wasps

07/08/2010 13:08

6'9" Centre John Brignell has returned for the 2010-11 National League season. Brignell, who was starting centre with the Wasps during the 2008-09 season, has returned as a player and an Assistant Coach.

The announcement will come as exciting news to Hull fans who warmed to Brignell during his first spell with the club. It also comes as a welcome to coach Chris McKenna who lost 6'10" centre Michal Kucmierczyk during the summer.

McKenna commented: "It's great to see John come back to the team. He is a quality player, giving us the height we wanted but also the aggression and smart play we need inside the key. John already knows the team very well, they've played together before so he's a very welcome addition to the squad."

McKenna also continued to comment on Brignell's role as an assistant coach.

"He will be assisting me in coaching the team. He has some great ideas and has shown a lot of enthusiasm already. We are looking to bring on another assistant to accompany me and John this season so withboth assistants in place, we will have a strong coaching team to take this team forward."