Interview - Matt MacArt

23/06/2014 12:08

After his first season in the UK Matt MacArt helped the Wasps land promotion. We managed to have a chat with Matt and see how life is back in the states and what his future plans are?

What have you been upto since returning to the States? MM: Since I left thing have been great. Great to see family and friends, spend some much needed time with them. Eating some good old American food.

What did you think to your first year playing in Hull? MM: I loved being in the UK, seeing the world but being a Wasp was something I will never forget. To have the season we had and all that success with all those players, awesome.

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make to your game? MM: Had to adjust all the time. There was no one big thing but so many little rules. Three point line is a few inches back, half court is only eight seconds, and how it is officiated. Personally I had sharpen all my skills, keep my fitness up. I was never the player who had the spot light on him but I had to make sure I can prove I can play and contribute to wins.

Overall how did you enjoy life in Hull? MM: Hull is an awesome place. I know it's just home for all you but it was this big shinny new toy to play with. Walking around in town center was great. The people are what helps. The Wasps family is what you hope for when meeting new people. So many people helped to make it a great time for me and I'd like to thank you, you know who you are.

Which games stood out the most to you? MM: The last home game against Gateshead was wild. The fact that one game had so much on it, home, last game and that other Hull team watching (lol). We played so well. Great team wins are hard to forget. When Jack dunked on the dude from Liverpool at out place was serious. All his dunks were fun to watch.

So what will you be doing with your summer? MM:My summer has been going along. I'm about to finish a summer class at Penn St.  Playing in two different summer hoops leagues and working out every day. The camps I work for the Philadelphia 76ers start in about two weeks. More friends and family and girlfriend time down the beach to finish August and I'm hoping to be in Hull early September.

Have you got a message to all the fans? MM: To the fans ..... I have been improving my game often for my new role for the club. I hope you all are getting some sun time in and left me some fish and chips.