Information on Replica Jerseys

24/12/2009 22:00

The club would like to inform all fans about the situation regarding replica shirts.

The club has received numerous interest regarding replica shirts for Christmas. Unfortunately due to a lack of infrastructure to be able to take those orders, we were unable to fulfil any requests that people made. 

We, of course, would love to have been able to deliver the jerseys to our fans but due to this reason and the fact that we have to place the order with a minimum value order, it is regretful we were unable to produce the jerseys for this Christmas.

Over the summer, the club has plans to release a new Hull Wasps team kit for the 2010-12 seasons. For this reason also, we felt it would be unfair to retail any replica jerseys now, considering the length of time they would be up-to-date for.

We ask for your understanding and hope that we are successful in building the club to a level, where we can successfully sustain a retail arm to distribute our replica jerseys.