05/11/2008 18:42

Coach James Coulson has named a new first team captain for the Hull Wasps. Centre, Jamie Goodwin has been given the armband and will now continue as captain from Matt Fawcett.

Coulson explains his reasons for changing captaincy so early on in the season.

"It was an extremely tough decision but I just feel that we need some leadership from the centre and from someone with more National League experience. Mosha (Fawcett) has been fantastic and I won't take anything away from him. He is a natural born leader and his performances alone will influence the team. He is only 21 and has plenty of years ahead and I'm sure in the future he will lead this club in many ways.

"We needed a more unified approach this weekend and I think we got it. If a few more baskets had fallen for us we would have come away this weekend with our first victory. Jamie has proven that he's a top centre and has formed a great partnership in the middle with Brignell. I'm sure if we keep playing as a team and give it everything we have like we did over the weekend, I'm very confident our first points are not far away."

Jamie also expressed his honour and delight at the new captaincy handed to him.

"I was really taken aback to be asked to be the Wasps captain during the warm-up of the Stockport game. It was not something I expected, but when Coach Coulson offered me the role I snapped his hand off.

"He has told me he feels my experience at this level of the National Basketball League and beyond can help us turn some of these narrow defeats into comfortable victories.

"I have learned from the best coaches in the country, from Garnett Gayle at Sheffield Arrows, Eddie Allen and Kevin Penny with the Hull Icebergs to the likes of former England coach Lazslo Nemeth and Bob Martin at various summer camps - not to mention everyone's favourite junior coach Neil Kelsey as a nipper.

"I will do everything I can to help Coach Coulson to get the best out of our talented young team and turn our form on its head."