Final Push for Play-Offs: Wasps vs Phoenix Preview

07/03/2014 14:36

The Hull Wasps will play their final game of the season on Saturday for one last push in their attempt to reach the play-offs and have the chance to apply for promotion..

The Wasps will play against Gateshead Phoenix, a team that the Wasps beat narrowly in a thrilling away game earlier this season with a win of 67-70. Gateshead Phoenix currently stand at 6th in the league table, but have proved to be a considerable threat in the past. The pressure will be on the for the Hull Wasps to give a strong performance in Saturday's game.

It has proved to be a defining year for the Wasps this time around as Coach Fawcett kick-started the season with number of brilliant new additions to his already talented and dedicated team. The introduction of Jack Daley, Matt MacArt, Manuel Guzman, Lee Brown and John Stewart gave the team a breath of fresh air and renewed determination going into the 2013-14 season. Coach Fawcett continued to add more players to his squad as the months went on (ex-Wasps player Neil Rymer and brother Jordache and Jarrett Akpoveta to name a few) which strengthened the bench even further.

This season fans have witnessed John Stewart break the club's - and the country's - 2013-2014 season record with a massive 54 individual points, seen the team pull through a challenging game with five of its key players missing due to illness and injury, and seen the team face and defeat new local rivals the Kingston Panthers. The Wasps have also dealt with blows such as voided wins due to teams dropping out of the league and painfully narrow defeats.

However, the team has battled on continuously until the end, leaving themselves in a strong position for possible promotion.

"And so it all comes down to Saturday's game," Matt Fawcett commented. "Needless to say that as in previous weeks, a win this week is absolutely crucial. There is no margin for error tonight. Whatever the outcome, though, I want my players and our fans alike to know how grateful I am for everything this season. It has been one of our most exciting seasons to date, so let's end it with a bang!"

Promotion for the Wasps will depend on the outcomes of the remaining Division 4 North games, but a win on Saturday will leave the team in a strong position. Tip off is 7pm on Saturday 8th March at the Ennerdale Leisure Centre.