Fawcett: “The Future is Bright for Wasps”

20/05/2011 13:16

WASPS Head-Coach Matt Fawcett has spoken of his optimism ahead of assembling a new first-team squad over the coming weeks.

Fawcett was announced as the Wasps Head-Coach at the beginning of May after least-season’s playing Head-Coach John Brignell stepped down. Steve Crawford was also appointed as Assistant-Coach. Fawcett is now preparing well in-advance of the new season by currently holding try-out sessions to assemble his new squad.

“It’s important to plan early” said Fawcett who has played with the Wasps since the launch of the club in 2008.

“Steve [Crawford] and I have sat down regularly to plan how we want the new season to go ahead. Try-outs have just begun and we have seen some excellent talent on display. We put together a rigorous training programme for the players and they responded very well.”

“We have been recruiting very well to get good players to these try-outs. There are some exciting players that we think have potential. Every player, whether they played for us last season or not, needs to work hard to prove they want to wear the Wasps jersey.”

In recent weeks, the coaching appointment of Fawcett and Crawford has come under criticism from some supporters but it doesn’t faze the 23-year-old Head-Coach.

“I understand fan concerns. I am a young coach and people haven’t seen what I can do but I have every belief in my ability to coach these players. Steve will be a great asset to this club and a great assistant to me. Some fans have suggested I wanted this role just to earn more playing time but it just isn’t the case.

“I have been a big part of the set-up of the club and want nothing more than the success of it. Sometimes that will require me to play, sometimes not. I want to run a fair squad and a solid rotation to keep players fresh. Sometimes I’ll be required to just coach and not play and I accept that. What I don’t accept, is that I am in this for personal gain in terms of playing-time. This will be a huge squad effort and I believe the spirit of the team is what will bring success over the coming seasons.

“I want to build a team of players that play for each other, who will fight for every ball and will be there for each other when it matters. This is a long-term effort from everybody and it’s going to be hard but as a coaching pair, we do have a great knowledge of the game and I believe that the future is very bright for our club.”

First-team try-outs will come to an end on Thursday 2nd June after which Fawcett will select his squad in preparation for the new season in September.