01/01/2009 21:17

Assistant Coach Matthew Fawcett believes with the Start of 2009 the Wasps can start getting the results that he knows they are capable of.

"The Guys all put in the work and we are constantly improving but in games we have missed opportunities to put teams away, especially at home and that's what will hopefully change in the new year."

For a newly formed National League club, the Wasps have achieved some great results so far in their first season. However, Fawcett also believes that the criticsm that he and the team have received lately can have a positive effect and bring better results in 2009;

"I wont be alone in saying that the team has under achieved so far this season and because of that we are going to get critics out there who judge us on what we are doing. Some players take comments on board and they use negative comments as fuel to help them improve so we will have to wait and see."

As for the next 12 months Mosha believes that the club will go from strength to strength.

"We will hopefully finish this season very strong and we are looking forward to an even stronger campaign next season as the club looks to grow both on and off the court."

The Wasps take on Ilkeston Outlaws on January 10th at Bilborough College Sports Centre and will look to start 2009 with a Bang!