19/02/2009 21:37

Matt Fawcett was back in training this week much to the delight of everyone at the Hull Wasps. The influential guard has been out of the game since December but after several physiotherapy sessions and careful exercise, Mosha was back in training this week sooner than originally expected.

"Everything is feeling good" said Fawcett.

"I started training on Tuesday and it's been really good. It's always tough coming back but it was fun and a really good positive training session. I'm not going to rush back too soon as coming back early can make put me back to square one but if all goes well, then I will be back soon I think."

Player-Coach James Coulson added: "It's great to see Mosha back. He's been excellent in training this week. The rest seems to have done him good because his all round game was excellent. You can tell he's hungry and that's great to see.

"He will be a big boost for us when he returns. We'll keep a close eye on it, but all being well we could have him back for the game against Liverpool."

The Wasps play Liverpool this Saturday at the Gemtec Arena, Walton St. Tip-off 7pm.