Fawcett and Crawford Seek Winning Combination

05/05/2011 11:02

HULL Wasps are pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Fawcett and Steve Crawford as the club’s new coaching pair for the first team.

Fawcett, 23, has been part of the club since the start and will now lead the Wasps into the summer season as Player-Head-Coach. He is joined by 33-year-old Steve Crawford as Assistant Coach, who joins the club after a number of years away from the game.

Wasps Chairman Dave Bushnell said: “We’re pleased to be making the appointment so early after our season finished.”

“We have been without a first team coach for around a month now so it was important to make an appointment before the summer began as to prepare as best we can for next season.”

“I’m confident they’ll make a great coaching pair. We sat down last week and they have some great ideas to take the team forward and continue the success we have seen over the past few seasons.

“Fawcett is a young coach but he has a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. With the assistance of an experienced coach like Steve, it will allow him to develop the team further over the next few years.”

Bushnell explained it was important to make an appointment that will benefit the club over the long-term.

“We have gone from season-to-season with 3 different coaches so far and we felt it was important to make a more long-term appointment so we can progress to a higher level over the next few seasons. Matt and Steve can do that and I’m pleased to confirm their appointment.”

Fawcett and Crawford will now look to re-build the squad ahead of the new season in September.