English Humour!

16/07/2008 23:33

Hey Everybody!

Just checking in for the second time with everybody. At the time of writing this I am sat on a porch in pitch black on a tiny laptop. The week here is going well. Liam and myself have settled in comfortably with the exception of the people here not understaning what we are saying! We had a shooting coach from the Atlanta Hawks come down and meet us today, and believe me when I say, that guy doesn't miss! My team that I am coaching are not doing too well but we have plenty of time to improve.

The British humour that me and Liam have is completley wasted on everybody out here. The only time they laugh is when they think they can beat us at football. As far as basketball is going we are having a summer unlike any other and having a great time as well. I'll let everybody know how things are going in a couple of days and how myself and Liam faired in an ironman contest against the other counsellors!

Take care everybody,

Matt (Mosha)