End of an era for popular Wasps players

21/05/2013 23:21

By Stephanie Cox

With any sport there is always an influx of players coming in and players leaving. Unfortunately for the club's National League side this is the case this season. The Hull Wasps will unfortunately be losing the services of some key players.

Due to his expanding career, Matt Brutnell will be leaving the club. Matt has been a key piece for the Wasps this season, winning the club's MVP award this season. In addition, we will also be losing one of the Wasps' most popular players, Miles Anderson, who will be side-stepping into the club's local league side. Miles has, year after year, shown why heart is one of the most underrated attributes as he had outplayed players 10 years younger than him, every week on a consistent basis.

Neil Rymer will be joining Miles in the local league side next season. Like Mike, Neil is an ageless player who has shown moments of sheer brilliance during the last season. The club will also be saying farewell to Forward Rob Dawson who is leaving because of his ongoing commitments with Hull KR. Mark Baker is also stepping down after a fantastic individual campaign.

 French favourite Florrent "Flo" Gammino will also be moving on, putting an end to his brief stop with the club. Coach Fawcett commented, "It's always a sad time to say farewell to players, especially as you all grow so close during the season. I actually grew up watching Neil and Miles play for the Kingston Icebergs and I can honestly say I have been so proud to coach those guys. They have helped me as much as I hope I have helped them. I have also spent years playing basketball with Matt Brutnell and it's no surprise how he has turned into one hell of a player. Rob Dawson and Mark Baker have been two of the funny guys this year and have really shown how accomplished they both are as players.

Flo came in late but gave us a strong punch and certainly has imprinted himself on the Wasps for some years. To all these great players I say good luck and I hope they all know the door is always open!"