Coach Fawcett Returns as Coach

12/05/2014 14:13


The Wasps are delighted to announce that Coach Fawcett will stay on as Head Coach for the upcoming season. After the Wasps achieved promotion for the first time and Coach Fawcett was named runner up coach of the year the 26 year old head coach decided he wanted to continue what he started.

"I had played with the idea of stepping down all year. I still consider myself to be a good player and with coaching I don't get to play as much and I miss that. However I do love coaching and with the set of lads we have had this year it has been a terrific year.

I made the decision based on our application for promotion I wanted to coach the team if we got promoted as I wanted to continue the work I started and I am lucky to have a fantastic assistant coach in Jimmy Coulson.
Next year we hope that we can get the team right again and make some noise in Division three."

Coach Fawcett will now be putting together his team and will continue to look at players including holding an open try out in June to see if there is any talent going under the radar or any players who want to play in Division three.