02/12/2008 14:32

After the club's recent decision to close the first team roster for the 2008/09 season, club director David Bushnell has explained the clubs decision.

"Any players now wishing to register for the club, we would take a look at for the 2009/10 Roster, after the season ends. Coach Coulson believes that any disruption to the squad could halt the development of the current team for the remainder of the season and could potentially put all the hard work so far, in jepardy.

"England Basketball have their own cut off point anyway from when players can register for clubs during the season. We have decided together as coach and club management that bringing in any extra players at this time of the season would not only potentially cause disruption, but would be unfair to all the players who have dedicated their time and hard work to performing on the court.

"Would it be fair, that because a player came in for the last few games of the season, that he would push down a player who has worked hard to play all season?

"We now need to concentrate and work hard as a team unit if we are to push for promotion and we're all extremely confident we can do that with the recent performances from the fantastic squad of players we already have. For a team very much in it's infancy, we are doing extremely well considering our poor start.

"That said, we still need your continual support. Please get behind the team we have and come and support us at all the home games. Invite your friends and family and it will make the evening even better than it is now."

With regards to comments made regarding Coach James Coulson's coaching position with the club, Bushnell also stated:

"Coach Coulson is 100% committed to the club and as a volunteer has dedicated many hours into the club. Although away games are difficult to attend, much hours of preparation and support are put in by James in coaching the first team squad.

"The club and players all understand the situation and have all been committed to the club hence the good performances of late. We are looking to keep this going and I'm sure we can through the dedication and support of all our coaches and players."

The Wasps play their next home game against Tyne Met Trojans on Saturday 6th at the Gemtec Arena (7:30pm).


As a club we would like to reiterate that any players wishing to come and trial for the first team squad are more than welcome to do so over the summer to prepare for the 2009/10 season. We welcome all potential players and appreciate all the support you give us.