Brignell Scoops Double Award

14/05/2011 22:05

Last season's player-coach John Brignell scooped two awards at Friday’s Player of the Year Awards 2011. In a small ceremony held in Home Farm, Hessle, the 6’8” centre who coached the Wasps first team to 5th place last season, Brignell took home the principal MVP award accompanied by the Players’ Player Award.

Brignell said: “It’s an honour to be taking home these awards. It’s been hard work this year trying to lead the team as well as play. I put my heart into every performance and it’s a pleasure to be recognised by the players and the club.”

The Fans’ Player of the Year was awarded to forward Miles Anderson after taking 54% of the fan vote, who also received an additional 3 nominations for other awards.

The D-Team MVP was awarded to 17 year old guard Michael Uney with the D-Team Most Improved Player awarded to Eldar Biktagirov.

The full list of awards and nominations are below (winners in bold and first).

Most Valuable Player Award
John Brignell, Miles Anderson, Adrian Blatherwick

Players Player of the Year
John Brignell, Miles Anderson, Rob Birchmore

Fans’ Player of the Year
Miles Anderson, Matt Fawcett, Jamie Goodwin

Most Improved
Chris Cummings, Ashley Rice, Adrian Blatherwick

Rob Birchmore, John Brignell, Andrew Marr

Sixth Man
Matt Fawcett, Miles Anderson, Andrew Marr

Adrian Blatherwick, Jamie Goodwin, Mike Likupe

D-Team Most Valuable Player
Michael Uney, Stuart McAra, Damien Keegan

D-Team Most Improved Player
Eldar Biktagirov, Daniel Barrett, Bruno Leia

Congratulations to all the players on their nominations and awards and for their success during the season.