21/11/2008 09:13

Centre, John Brignell will be back for the away trip to Liverpool this weekend at Greenbank. The 'big man' has been a key man in the Wasps squad this season and even though the team put in 2 fantastic performances last weekend, it's a welcome return for coach Coulson.

"Brignell's been fantastic for us all season so far. I'm sure he's the best centre in the league. When he's on the inside with the ball in his hands, I don't think there's anyone can seem to stop him.

"The team were fantastic last weekend on the road. It shows we have a deep enough squad to perform well when we lose key men but it's certainly great to have him back for this trip to Liverpool.

"I'm sure it will be tough as usual but I'm very confident the guys can come away with the points."

Hull Wasps face Liverpool at Greenbank Sports Academy in Liverpool at 3pm on Saturday.