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Hull Wasps

this weekend

jmr 18/11/2012
fantastic results well done to all of you

re sat

an old timer 14/10/2012
what went wrong?


Caleb Whittington 14/10/2012
Myself and 2 other family members were hoping to come to your game against Bradford Maroons on 20th October. I was just wondering if the ticket prices had changed because on the website is says the prices from 2009-2010. Also it would be helpful to know if you can still buy tickets on the night. Please contact me


Basketball community

Sam 04/09/2012
Hi, I was wondering whether there was a basketball community in hull. I have recently moved to hull and am trying to persuade my boyfriend to consider hull. However, he loves the Leeds basketball scene so much. Is there an established scene in hull where you can play basketball outdoors? Thanks for your replies x

Re: Basketball community

Hull Wasps 04/09/2012
In Hull there is a small basketball scene. We do not have the catchment that Leeds has so we have less players in the city. Does your boyfriend play for anybody in the National League? Or is he just a recreational player?

Re: Re: Basketball community

Sam 04/09/2012
He played and co-coached when he was younger although now it's purely recreational. He's coming to hull this weekend....

Re: Re: Re: Basketball community

Sam 04/09/2012
I've spoken to my boyfriend and he used to play local and national league for Coventry crusaders under 18s. However, he's just looking for recreational basketball. Where is the main outdoor basketball court in hull for pick up games in hull? Anything on this weekend?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Basketball community

Phil 17/09/2012
Hi Sam

A good place to start is here

Hull Wasps Junior Team

Josh Toyne 31/07/2012
Was wondering if there was a Hull Wasp junior team, wanting to get back into basketball since i've left school. Any information would be great? Thanks :)


number 1 fan 06/06/2012
Is there ne chance there cud be more videos of the team, with a short profile of players like the one done a few seasons ago???????????

Jason's Game?

Q 21/05/2012
Hi - is it happening this year??? Thanks.

sats game

Afan 27/01/2012
looking forward to Saturdays game - there have been some close and exciting games.
The team are playing as a team - go Matt coach
Hope the free throws are in.

game pics

vince 02/12/2011
Its taken me a while but the game pics for the Leeds and Mersey games are now up on my site.

Rob Birchmore

Baller 18/11/2011
Shame its robs last game this weekend, Ive enjoyed watching him play over the last few years. Good luck to him!

Burnley Game pics

Vince Cowell 09/11/2011
Hi folks, the game photos for the Burnley Blaze game are available to view on my website.
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